A Digital Commonplace Book

Lehigh University English 364 - Books about poetry

Throughout the 2014 spring semester, students in "Shakespeare to Milton: Gender, Poetry, and Politics in the Seventeenth Century" kept commonplace books documenting their readings, following a practice that would have been familiar in the early modern period. Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century readers created commonplace books to record ideas and quotations that they found particularly edifying or beautiful. These books model a practice of reading that reconfigures disparate written materials into the basis for reflection, imaginative discovery, and future writing. At the same time, they reveal how manuscript culture remained closely associated with early modern poetic practice, even as printed books became an increasingly common technology for the distribution of poetry. This site archives our work on early modern poetry through the creation of a collective digital edition of our commonplace books, organized by topic on the "Book" page, and through links to individual books, on the "About the Authors" page.

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