About the Authors

Lehigh University English 364 - William Ash

William Ash lives in Vero Beach, Florida. He is a junior who is double-majoring in English and Mathematics.  He is a member of Amaranth and an editor for the Brown and White. He particularly enjoyed reading Shakespeare’s sonnets in English 364.

William Ash's Book

Leo Atkinson, a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania resident, is a senior English major who abandoned a promising career as a catering server to attend Lehigh.  He found commonplacing to be an engaging approach for interacting with the course texts. Of all the readings this semester he particularly enjoyed Christopher Marlowe’s Hero and Leander. When not absorbed in his studies Leo is a freelance writer for the Bethlehem Press and has plans to open his own English firm after graduation.  

Leo Atkinson's Book
Lehigh University English 364 - Jamie Della Pelle

Jaime Della Pelle is a senior graduating with a major in English and minors in Creative Writing and Mass Communications. As an aspiring comedy writer, she was especially enthused by the material in ENG 364 which provided a satirical or ironic outlook on political and social issues. She enjoyed the process of the commonplace book because it was a space that allowed her to organize her thoughts and make surprising connections. Jaime writes part-time for the Lehigh website's News Center, is the president of the Business Careers in Entertainment Club and a member of Alpha Chi Omega.

Jaime Della Pelle's Book

Talia Dunyak hails from Haddonfield, NJ. She is a sophomore majoring in German and English with minors in Creative Writing, Sustainable Development and Theatre. Talia has enjoyed learning about 16th and 17th century poetry and has loved creating the commonplace book because of the unique opportunity and challenges it presented to the class. Talia is the Vice President of Lehigh's Improv Club and a member of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, M&C Drama Society and Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society.

Talia Dunyak's Book
Lehigh University English 364 - Erica Gold

Erica Gold is a Lehigh University senior from Rye, New York, a tiny town known for its ocean views and its complete inability to produce a decent bagel. She is graduating as a member of the Class of 2014 with a degree in Molecular Biology and a minor in Literature. As an undergraduate Erica spent her school years volunteering as an EMT with Lehigh University EMS and her summers teaching kids how to sail. She thoroughly enjoyed reading and analyzing all of the works in the ENG 364 syllabus and hopes to be able to incorporate her English education into a research job in the future. 

Erica Gold's Book
Lehigh University English 364 - Gwendolyn Gummersall

Gwendolyn Gummersall is a senior from Northbrook, Illinois. She majors in English and minors in Psychology. As a writer, Gwendolyn would compare herself to a modern day version of John Milton because she enjoyed reading "Samson Agonistes." If she were to write poetry, she would choose to write dramatic poems/tragedies because she has found them to be the most entertaining works throughout the semester. Gwendolyn has had a wonderful experience creating her own commonplace book and also contributing to the class commonplace project as a whole. She thinks the project is great because it brings out her own creativity, and also the creativity of her classmates. Gwendolyn plans to live in Chicago after graduation and pursue a career in sales.

Gwendolyn Gummersall's Book
Lehigh University English 364 - Margaret Jerram

Margaret Jerram is a junior from West Hartford, Connecticut. She is majoring in English and particularly enjoyed reading Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene this semester. She hopes to continue using the skills she learned from keeping a commonplace book this semester, as she feels they made her both a better reader and writer.

Margaret Jerram's Book
Lehigh University English 364 - Kelsey Lee

Kelsey Lee is a senior from Wilmette, Illinois. She is double-majoring in English and Psychology, and also plays on the softball team at Lehigh. Kelsey recently completed her thesis project for Departmental Honors in English, which took the form of a series of personal narratives highlighting some of the memorable moments of her experience as an undergraduate at Lehigh. Kelsey is a Shakespeare girl at heart, so she particularly enjoyed reading The Rape of Lucrece and The Sonnets in ENGL 364.

Kelsey Lee's Book
Lehigh University English 364 - Kiernan McGinnis

Kiernan J McGinnis hails from Las Vegas, Nevada, and contrary to that old marketing campaign, what happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas.  He is a sophomore who studies English at Lehigh University, even though he was once in the engineering school.  His family thinks that he is insane for studying English in this economy, but one day they will all be proven wrong when he miraculously wins the lottery or finds a priceless gem at a garage sale, or something like that.  After graduation, Kiernan plans on becoming a vagrant who exclusively wanders about northern Italy.

Kiernan McGinnis's Book

Laura Melone is a sophomore majoring in both History and English while also studying to become a teacher through Lehigh's 5-year Masters of Education Program. She aspires to one day have her own classroom and is eventually looking towards gaining her PhD. ENGL 364 really helped Laura because she never had experience with 16th and 17th literature before the class, and it helped further her interest of gender and sexuality in literature and history. Laura is a staff member at the Lehigh University Women's Center, is a recently initiated member of Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society, writes for Lehigh's branch of HerCampus.com, serves as a Big Sister in Lehigh's Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program, and is the acting head of Pi Beta Phi Sorority's Policy and Standards Board.

Laura Melone's Book
Lehigh University English 364 - Liana Prodorutti

Liana Prodorutti is a sophomore from the Philadelphia area pursuing majors in English and Spanish and a minor in Latin American Studies. Liana became a lapsed engineer after discovering the homely comforts of Drown Hall, now preferring it to any other location on campus. She became a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor Society, this past semester, during which she enjoyed familiarizing herself with sixteenth- and seventeenth-century poetry in ENGL 364. Liana found keeping a commonplace book to be an effective exercise in both record keeping and self-expression; she also found it valuable for revealing connections between authors and their individual works. 

Liana Prodorutti's Book
Lehigh University English 364 - Jacob Silber

Jacob Silber is a graduating senior with majors in  English and Psychology. When not reading early modern poetry he is eating, sleeping, or spending far too much time watching Netflix. Next year he will be continuing his education at Lehigh in the English graduate program. So don't worry, you will still see him roaming around Drown Hall for the next year or so. 

Jacob Silber's Book
Lehigh University English 364 - Matthew Werkheiser

Matthew Werkheiser is a senior English major from the always scenic Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. A 75 year-old man trapped in a 21 year-old body, he enjoys wool sweaters, good pipe tobacco, and a strong cup of tea. Matthew both thanks and blames ENGL364 for broadening his understanding of early-modern literature, but in so doing also steering him away from his prior lover, Existentialism. He is the resident euphonist in Lehigh's legendary (citation needed) small brass ensemble and when he is not busy tutoring/terrifying AP seniors with James Joyce's scandalous letters to Nora Barnacle, Matthew spends his free time with the mighty Lord Henry, greatest Shih Tzu in all the land.

Matthew Werkheiser's Book

Rachel Whittemore is a senior from Stewartstown, Pennsylvania. She is an English major with minors in History and Psychology, and is studying to be a teacher in Lehigh’s College of Education. Rachel is a member of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a Lehigh Tour Guide, the secretary of Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society, and a tutor for local elementary school students. Compiling her commonplace book was a new experience for Rachel. She enjoyed the way it challenged her to make deeper connections between authors and texts in a way that strengthened her understanding of the period beyond assignments in previous early modern courses

Rachel Whittemore's Book
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