We would like to thank Julia Maserjian, Scott Rutzmoser, and Rob Weidman for helping to initiate this project; Johanna Brams and the students working in Lehigh's IMRC for building and adapting the site; Lois Black, Ilhan Citak, and the student workers in Lehigh's Special Collections for introducing us to the material history of early modern poetry and supplying images of title pages for the home page of our site; and the many poets who provided the words and ideas that enabled the creation of this course and this project.

We are also indebted to the Harvard University Library Open Collections Program site on Commonplace Books, which helped educate us on their history and form, as did Adam Smyth's article on "Commonplace Book Culture: A List of Sixteen Traits" in Women and Writing, c. 1340-c. 1650: The Domestication of Print Culture, ed. Anne Lawrence-Mathers and Phillipa Hardman (York Medieval Press, 2010), 90-110.

Professor Jenna Lay would especially like to thank her students for their dedication, enthusiasm, and intellect. She hopes that this site and their physical commonplace books make tangible everything that they have learned.

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